Can You Bring Pens on a Plane? Write Way to Travel

Can You Bring Pens on a Plane? Write Way to Travel

Hey there, globetrotters and homebodies alike! Have you ever found yourself stuck at the airport, scratching your head, and wondering, “Can you bring pens on a plane?” I mean, who hasn’t, right? Today, let’s dive into this pressing issue that has kept many a traveler awake at night (or at least for a few minutes in the security line).

Can You Bring Pens on a Plane? Write Way to Travel

What’s the Big Deal About Pens, Anyway?

You might think, C’mon, it’s just a pen! Maybe it’s a luxurious fountain pen or just a reliable ballpoint that gets the creative juices flowing. In any case, it’s not simply a pen.

TSA Says “Yes, You Can!”

Fantastic news for all you writers, artists, and habitual doodlers out there! According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Yes, you absolutely can! You don’t have to say goodbye to your trusted writing companion. I can help you with any writing tasks you have.

Sharp Objects vs. Pens

“Ah, but what about sharp objects?” you might ask. While the TSA has a long list of prohibited items, pens don’t cut (pun intended). However, don’t think this means you can bring your samurai sword on board disguised as a pen. Nice try, though.

Gel, Liquid, or Solid?

Here’s the good news: you’re free to bring any type of pen in your carry-on bag. No need to fret about any ink-specific rules here. So, to answer that ever-present question, can you bring pens on a plane? The answer is a resounding “Absolutely, yes!” Take your pick from gel, liquid, or solid, and write to your heart’s content in the sky.

Can You Bring Pens on a Plane? Write Way to Travel
Gel, Liquid, or Solid pen

Luxury vs. Disposable Pens

Got a Montblanc that’s worth more than your flight ticket? No worries! High-end or low-end pens are welcome on planes. Just make sure you keep the pricey ones safe. You wouldn’t want it to end up as an unintentional gift to your seatmate.

The International Scene

Planning to go international? Different countries, different rules, right? However, the general consensus across the globe—from the United States to Europe and even to Asia—is that pens are usually A-OK. You won’t find many international airlines or security agencies batting an eyelid at your pen collection.

Checked Baggage vs. Carry-On

While pens are generally allowed in both checked bags and carry-ons, keeping them in your carry-on is a smart move. You never know when inspiration will strike—or when you’ll need to fill out an immigration form.

What About the Kids?

Little Timmy and Suzy can not only bring their crayons and colored pencils, but they’re also welcome to pack markers and even watercolor sets. When pondering, “Can you bring pens on a plane? Rest assured that your children’s creativity does not have to be left behind while they are away from home. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

What If You Forget Your Pen?

Worst case scenario: you forget your beloved pen. Don’t panic! Airline gift shops are like the fairy godmothers of forgotten items. Sure, it won’t be the same, but it’s better than writing with a borrowed eyeliner.

Can You Bring Pens on a Plane? Write Way to Travel
Forget Your Pen


As you’ve probably gathered, the answer is crystal clear: can you bring pens on a plane? Yes, you can, without a doubt! So go ahead and pack up your pens, notebooks, and sketchbooks, and let your imaginations soar. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or a bit of both, you’ll have all the tools you need to capture every fleeting thought or artistic vision.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, folks. The next time someone gives you a puzzled look and asks, “Can you bring pens on a plane? You can bring your favorite writing utensils. Create, doodle, or even write your next masterpiece while cruising at 35,000 feet.


Can you bring pens on a plane?

Yes, both in your carry-on and checked baggage.

Can I bring luxury pens on the plane?

Absolutely, keep them safe and secure.

What about international flights?

Generally, pens are allowed on international flights as well.

Can my kids bring their art supplies?

Yep, crayons and colored pencils are usually fine.

What if I forget my pen?

Airline gift shops have you covered, although it might be a bit pricey.

Happy travels, and don’t forget your pens!

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