Dhow cruises with underwater views

Dhow cruises with underwater views

It is impossible to complete your travel journey in Dubai without visiting dhow cruises and enjoying the moment with underwater views. A ride on the dhow gives an exceptional amazing experience of Arabian culture along with modernity. You can have a breathtaking view of Dubai Marina as the dhow sailing along the modern Dubai marina or you can have a cruise experience along the creek. Dhow-cruisedubai.com offers a unique and memorable experience to tourists and travelers. The unique dhow cruise provides the traditional charm of the dhow and cultural performance along with food.

Dhow cruises with underwater views
Dhow cruises with underwater views

Dhow cruise and underwater observation area

What makes the dhow unique is its underwater observation area containing a glass bottom section on a dhow. This section allows passenger to view the underwater world of the water as the dhow glides. The cruise are loaded with traveller by welcoming them on board. The cruise is usually divided into two parts, the lower one which is usually air conditioned and the second one is top board where you can breath natural air.

A natural cool breeze will amaze you along with an executive view of water rushing along the dhow. At dhow cruise you can make lots of memories for lifetime. Usually the dinner is served at top deck so you can enjoy dinner with fresh breathing. It could be a perfect place for dating. Shipping on unique dhow cruise is a luxurious experience.

Activities on dhow cruise Dubai

No doubt dubai is filled with many activities for tourist but a travelling journey to dhow cruise is the best way to enjoy the waterfront lavishly. Here are few activities you would be doing while cruising in a unique dhow cruise:

⦁ Amazing sightseeing

One of the best feelings is when you admire the beauty of nature and man-made marvels together. The illumination created on high skyscrapers and hustle and bustle gives you the essence of a modern vibrant lifestyle at an international metropolis. You will have the opportunity to view Dubai Skyline including iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis ,the Palm resort.

⦁ Fine Buffet Dinner

Depending of the departure time of unique dhow cruise you can enjoy lunch, dinner or even high tea. The menu varies from traditional barbeque to continental dishes. Most well-decorated dhow cruises depart at night after sunset. Dinner timing in evening varies from 7:00 pm to 10 pm and dishes include kebabs, biryani ,salad bar and desert. A complete menu can be eaten in natural open air or at lower air conditioned deck.

⦁ Entertainment

To make cruising more exciting live entertainment shows are held at unique dhow cruise. It could be a traditional music and dance performance. The traditional sufi dance Tanura is represented to spectators which creates an ambiance of cultural trip. It is a form of traditional dance that passes through generations.

Men wearing long skirt perform on sufi rhythm moving in a circle. The spin movement of tanura dance is the centerpiece. The performer spin continuously in a counterclockwise direction which creates a stunning visual impact on spectators. The skirt is colorful and often adorned with LED lights for more appealing view as it whirls around the dancer.

⦁ Socializing

Dhow contains an open deck area where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy a gentle breeze with worth sightseeing. Since Dubai is famous for its tourism activities you will find people from different nations, you can find one from your nation. You can make friends and socialize on the dhow cruise. It is an opportunity to socialize, chat or simply take the views.

⦁ Photography

Dubai skyline is so beautiful to capture and the beautiful waterfront offers incredible photo opportunities. For capturing amazing photographs the day light affect the quality of photos. Evening dhow cruises also provide beautiful sunset or cityscape shots. Daytime cruises offer bright and clear images. For taking pictures in low light at night your camera resolution should of high quality.

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Exploring Marine life with dhow cruise

Dhow cruise can provide an in-depth marine experience like scuba diving or snorkeling but dhow cruise offers a unique opportunity to observe and appreciate the coastal marine environment.
Some dhow cruise are designed to see marine life through glass bottom section in their boats.
It allows passenger to peer into underwater world without getting wet. The glass panels allow a clear view of marine life including fishes, coral reefs and sea creatures. Dubai coast is filled with vibrant coral reefs and you can take a closeup view of them.


Dhow cruises with underwater views are a unique and enchanting way to explore the marine life. Spending time at dhow cruise provides an opportunity to explore the underwater views and coastal beauty. It is a perfect option for those who want to enjoy marine life without get wet.
You can have beautiful experience of sightseeing, dining, and entertainment at dhow cruise Dubai.

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