How to Decorate Your Boho Bell Tent: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Decorate Your Boho Bell Tent A Step-by-Step Guide

In this comprehensive guide we will discuss about How to Decorate Your Boho Bell Tent. Undoubtedly, many enjoy the outdoors for the richness and simplicity it offers. Activities like camping are a great way to experience nature purely free from vague additions. However, when your camping boho bell tent is incomplete, a great time camping is not assured. Sometimes, all you need to complete your glamping or camping allure is a little décor here and some décor there.

How to Decorate Your Boho Bell Tent A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a guide to a full stack boho bell tent decoration:

Boho bell tent exterior

Light it up

The first rule to Boho style is to use proper lighting for tents. Lights are important because they are essential and also make good decorations. So besides helping you see properly at night and navigate your immediate camping surroundings, they are also aesthetically pleasing and contribute to upgrading the look of your bell tent. For the exterior, you can add lights to the guy lines and ropes and also around the tent canvas.

Touch of colour

Go the extra mile by painting a bohemian mural on your tent’s exterior if you do not mind permanently altering its appearance. For a non-permanent look, you can try more temporary options. The idea is to elevate your tent’s looks by adding colour. This adds an edge to your boho bell tent and makes it unique.

Boho bell tent interior

Bring in the lights

Just like your boho bell tent exterior, you need lights inside the tent as well. Warm, ethereal lights will bring out the magic in your boho-styled bell tent. You could string lights on the centre, sides or tripod poles, get an antique lamp stand and whatnot. Do not be limited.

Decorative Hangings

Make a statement by hanging decorative crafts on your boho bell tent. It could be macramé, paper or DIY décor items made absolutely from materials around your home. It could also be antiques, raffia or boho artefacts. Whatever it is, decorative hangings will always bring a bohemian effect to your glamping bell tent.

Boho rugs

An indoor rug is a great way to add colour to the insides of your boho bell tent and also make a strong statement. On the floor covering or tarp of your tent, layer a colourful rug at the entrance of the tent or in the centre of the tent for the perfect unconventional but eye-catching interior look.

Textured furniture

From throw cushions to side stools, resting chairs and whatnot, your boho bell tent will go from zero to a hundred with the right contrasting textures to get it there. What better way to achieve this than with furniture which also doubles as functional? Also, ensure the furniture not only comes in contrasting textures but also in contrasting colours.

In conclusion,

You may either decorate the exterior of your Boho Bell Tent or work on just its insides. However, working on styling both the exterior and interior parts of your bell tent gives you a wholesome and fully boho-styled bell tent.

How do you personalize your boho bell tent for glamping?

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