Things To Do in Dauphin Island || 8 Best Things

things to do in dauphin island

Dauphin Island a hidden gem off the coast of Alabama offers a serene escape with its pristine beaches, rich history, and vibrant natural habitats. Whether you are a nature lover history buff, or beachgoer the island presents many activities that promise memorable experiences. This guide delves into the top things to do in Dauphin Island ensuring every visitor finds something to cherish.

things to do in dauphin island

Explore the Public Beaches

One of the quintessential things to do in Dauphin Island is to spend a day at its public beaches. With miles of white sandy shores, the beaches offer a tranquil retreat away from the bustling city life. The West End Beach is perfect for families and individuals looking to enjoy swimming sunbathing, or even picnicking by the sea. The calm waters and gentle waves make it an ideal spot for children to play safely while adults can relax and soak up the sun. Beachcombers might also delight in searching for seashells at dawn or dusk when the beach reveals its hidden treasures.

Visit the Audubon Bird Sanctuary

For nature enthusiasts a must-visit destination is the Audubon Bird Sanctuary. Covering 164 acres this sanctuary is part of the things to do in Dauphin Island list for anyone interested in bird watching or hiking. The trails wind through a diverse range of habitats, from marshes to dunes and forests to beaches, providing opportunities to see a variety of bird species, especially during the spring and fall migrations. The sanctuary’s boardwalks and observation platforms offer great vantage points for photography or simply admiring the island’s natural beauty.

Discover Fort Gaines

History lovers should explore Fort Gaines a key site in the Battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil War as one of the top Activities in Dauphin Island. Visiting Fort Gaines allows you to step back and learn about the island’s strategic importance in American history. The well-preserved fort features original cannons a blacksmith shop, and tunnels, with guided tours available to enhance your understanding of the past. The panoramic views of the bay from the fort’s ramparts are also to be noticed.

Engage in Water Sports

Dauphin Island is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. From kayaking and paddle boarding through the bay’s calm waters to more adventurous activities like windsurfing and kiteboarding, there is something for every skill level. Rentals and lessons are readily available making it easy for beginners to dive into the fun. This is why engaging in water sports ranks high among the things to do in Dauphin Island for those seeking an adrenaline rush or just wanting to try something new on the water.

Take a Charter Fishing Trip

Fishing is a popular activity on Dauphin Island with the rich waters of the Gulf offering ample opportunities for catching a wide variety of fish. Chartering a fishing trip is among the exciting things to do in Dauphin Island for novice and experienced anglers. Whether you are interested in deep-sea fishing or prefer to stay closer to the shore local captains can guide you to the best spots and even provide tips on how to reel in the big one. It is not just about the catch but also about enjoying the open water and the thrill of the chase.

Experience the Dauphin Island Sea Lab

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab is a premier marine education and research centre offering visitors a chance to learn about marine ecosystem conservation efforts and the rich biodiversity of the Gulf Coast. Exploring the Sea Lab’s Estuarium an aquarium that showcases the four key habitats of coastal Alabama, is among the educational things to do in Dauphin Island. It is a fascinating experience for all ages with interactive exhibits and touch tanks that bring the marine world to life.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Sampling the local cuisine is essential to any travel experience, and Dauphin Island’s seafood is to be noticed. The island’s restaurants and cafes serve fresh, delicious dishes that highlight the Gulf’s bounty. From casual eateries to fine dining options, you will find a variety of settings to enjoy specialities like shrimp, oysters, crab, and fish. Enjoying the local cuisine especially seafood is one of the most delicious things to do in Dauphin Island.

Participate in Seasonal Events

Dauphin Island comes alive with various seasonal events throughout the year offering unique experiences for visitors. Participating in these events from the Mardi Gras Parade in the spring to the Art Trail in fall is one of the most engaging things to do in Dauphin Island. These festivities provide fun and entertainment and a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and community spirit.


In conclusion Dauphin Island is a place of endless possibilities where each visit promises new adventures and cherished memories. Whether basking in the natural beauty, delving into the historical significance of indulging in water sports, or enjoying the local flavours, the island offers diverse activities to suit every interest. Remember the best things to do in Dauphin Island are those that connect you more deeply with this beautiful coastal haven, enriching your spirit and leaving you longing to return.


What is the best time to visit Dauphin Island?

The best time to visit Dauphin Island is spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). The weather is mild during these periods, and the island hosts various events and festivals. Additionally, the spring and fall migrations make it an excellent time for bird watching at the Audubon Bird Sanctuary.

Are there any accommodations on Dauphin Island?

Yes! Dauphin Island offers a range of accommodations from beachfront vacation rentals and condos to campgrounds. Whether you are looking for a cosy cottage a family-friendly house, or a place to park your RV there are options to suit every preference and budget.

Can you swim at the beaches on Dauphin Island?

Yes! Swimming is a popular activity at Dauphin Island’s beaches. The Gulf waters are generally calm and warm making them ideal for swimming. Public Beach and West End Beach are among the favourite spots for beachgoers. Always pay attention to safety flags and local advisories during your visit.

Are pets allowed on Dauphin Island?

Pets are allowed on Dauphin Island including the public beaches, but they must be kept on a leash at all times. They respect local regulations and cleaning up after your pet is important to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Is there an entrance fee for the Audubon Bird Sanctuary?

Entry to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary is free making it an accessible attraction for visitors. The sanctuary offers miles of trails through various habitats observation decks, and a chance to see numerous bird species especially during migration seasons. Donations are welcome to support the sanctuary’s maintenance and conservation efforts.

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