Will Spray Sunscreen Explode on a Plane? Burning Question

Will Spray Sunscreen Explode on a Plane? Burning Question

We’ve all heard the daunting tales of pressure changes, aerosol cans, and high altitudes. They usually end with a ‘BOOM!’ and someone’s expensive shampoo splattered across the overhead compartment. But today, we tackle a more summery concern: will spray sunscreen explode on a plane? Buckle up as we dive into the facts and myths surrounding your beloved SPF in a can.

Will Spray Sunscreen Explode on a Plane? Burning Question

Science Behind the Concern

So, why are we even asking will spray sunscreen explode on a plane? It’s all about pressure. Aerosol cans are sensitive to it, and planes are basically pressure cookers at 35,000 feet. However, commercial aircraft are well-pressurized. The real danger? Temperature changes, not pressure.tripping blonde a travel and lifestyle blog

Regulations on Aerosols

The TSA isn’t just about confiscating your oversized toothpaste. They have strict rules on aerosols in checked luggage, primarily due to pressure concerns. Yet, they don’t mention that your spray sunscreen is a ticking time bomb. Will spray sunscreen explode on a plane? The odds are low.

Myth of the Exploding Sunscreen

Many people are under the impression that carrying spray sunscreens is like having tiny, ticking time bombs in their luggage. However, let’s clear the air: they’re certainly not. Despite the dramatic stories and rampant airport legends, there has never been a documented case of a sunscreen spontaneously combusting and causing chaos in the skies.

How Heat Affects Your Sunscreen Can

Aircraft cargo holds are engineered with climate control mechanisms, maintaining a stable environment throughout your flight. These controlled conditions are crucial because extreme temperatures, especially heat, can impact the integrity of the canister and the efficacy of the sunscreen formula itself. Therefore, while the cargo hold isn’t exactly a spa retreat for your sunscreen, it’s far from the sweltering interior of your car parked at the beach.

Right Way to Pack Spray Sunscreen

Thinking will spray sunscreen explode on a plane? Minimize risks by packing it securely, keeping it away from sharp objects, and ensuring the cap is tightly sealed. Your sunscreen is more likely to be punctured by your stilettos than to combust spontaneously.

Will Spray Sunscreen Explode on a Plane? Burning Question
Pack Spray Sunscreen

Alternative Sun Protection Options

If the thought will spray sunscreen explode on a plane keeps you up at night, opt for lotion or stick sunscreens. They’re travel-friendly and don’t carry the pressure of potential explosions (pun intended).

Real Stories vs. Urban Legends

We love a good dramatic tale, but most stories about exploding sunscreens are just that: stories. They’re the urban legends of the travel world. It’s unlikely, according to actual flight history.

Air Pressure and Aerosol Cans

It’s natural to question will spray sunscreen explode on a plane when you know aerosol cans are sensitive to air pressure changes. But remember, planes are designed to handle these changes expertly. Your sunscreen is in good hands.

Tips for a ‘Sun-Safe’ Flight

Protect your skin! If you’re still anxious about whether will spray sunscreen explode on a plane, apply your SPF before boarding. You’ll be sun-safe on arrival, sans the mid-air anxiety.

Understanding the ‘Flammable’ Label

Yes, aerosols are flammable. No, that doesn’t mean they’ll turn your flight into a fireball. Flammability concerns are more about direct exposure to fire, so unless you’re planning a barbecue in the cargo hold, you’re good.

Will Spray Sunscreen Explode on a Plane? Burning Question


The notion of exploding spray sunscreen on a plane is more fiction than fact. With proper packing and adherence to travel regulations, your sunscreen is poised to travel safely.

Final Thoughts

While the question, will spray sunscreen explode on a plane, makes for a spicy conversation starter, it’s largely unfounded. Pack smart, travel smart, and don’t skimp on the SPF.


If I carry it in my hand luggage, will spray sunscreen explode on a plane?

It’s unlikely, but follow TSA’s guidelines on aerosols in carry-ons to be safe.

Has there ever been a recorded incident of sunscreen exploding on a plane?

No. Sunscreen catastrophes are more myth than reality.

Why are we warned that aerosol cans and planes don’t mix?

It’s due to general pressure concerns, but modern aircraft are equipped to handle this.

Can I apply spray sunscreen before a flight?

Absolutely, it’s a great way to stay protected without the worry.

Will other aerosol cans, like deodorant or hairspray, pose similar risks as spray sunscreen?

They’re subject to the same regulations and precautions, but again, the risk of explosion is minimal.

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