Worst Time to Travel to Puerto Rico: A Humorous Guide

Worst Time to Travel to Puerto Rico
Worst Time to Travel to Puerto Rico
Worst Time to Travel to Puerto Rico:

Ah, Puerto Rico! The land of enchanting beaches, rhythmic salsa music, and the delightful mofongo. But hold your horses (or should we say your coquí frogs?) because while Puerto Rico is undeniably a slice of paradise, there are times when it’s just not the best idea to visit. Here’s our tongue-in-cheek guide on the worst time to travel to Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Season Shenanigans

Puerto Rico’s hurricane season typically runs from June to November. So unless you have a quirky wish to chase storms and enjoy the exhilarating thrill of Mother Nature’s fury, it might be wise to choose another time.

Salsa Festival Frenzy

Love salsa? So does everyone else. Visiting during a major salsa festival might have you dancing all right – in long lines and amidst massive crowds. It’s not exactly the intimate dance experience you might have imagined!

Beach Bedlam

Beach Bedlam
Beach Bedlam

Contrary to popular belief, there can be such a thing as too much sun and sand. Especially when every inch is covered by tourists, December to April are peak months, so if you prefer tranquillity over tanned bodies, reconsider.

Mofongo Madness

You have truly tasted Puerto Rico once you’ve tried mofongo. However, during certain local culinary festivals, everyone’s after this dish, making it the worst time to travel to Puerto Rico if you hate waiting for food.

Rainforest Ruckus

El Yunque, the famous rainforest, is a must-visit. But during weekends and holidays, it can be more like a bustling mall than a peaceful forest. Birds chirping? More like tourists chatting.

Frogs and Fun

The coquí frog is Puerto Rico’s beloved mascot. But during mating season, their nighttime serenades can be… loud. If you’re a light sleeper, earplugs are a must.

Road Rage Rendezvous

Driving in a foreign land is an adventure. But during the festive season, with parades and celebrations blocking the roads, it’s more like a challenge on a reality TV show.

Historical Site Hysteria

Everyone loves a bit of history. But if you’re hoping for a quiet moment at the San Juan forts during peak tourist times, you’ll likely share that moment with a few thousand other “quiet” visitors.

Island-wide Invitations

Puerto Rico loves to party. From town fairs to local fiestas, there’s always something happening. This is great unless you want a quiet, romantic getaway. In that case, check the local calendar before booking.


While there’s never truly a “bad” time to visit Puerto Rico, knowing the ins and outs can help you make the best choice for your travel needs. With a little humour and a dash of patience, every trip can be memorable. Remember, sometimes it’s not about the perfect timing but the perfect attitude. So, whether it’s during the worst time to travel Puerto Rico or the best, wear your sun hat, dance to the rhythm, and enjoy the island vibes!


Is it safe to visit Puerto Rico during hurricane season?

While hurricanes can be a concern, modern infrastructures and early warning systems allow travellers to visit safely. However, it’s crucial to keep updated with weather forecasts and take advisories seriously.

I’ve booked for the salsa festival! What should I do?

Embrace the energy! Yes, it might be crowded, but it’s also a unique experience. Consider joining guided tours or booking events in advance to avoid the worst queues.

Are there quiet beaches to visit during peak times?

Absolutely! While popular beaches can get crowded, there are several hidden gems. Ask locals or do some research to find quieter beach spots.

How loud are the coquí frogs?

Their song is distinctive and loud, especially when many sing together. Some find it charming; others, a bit overwhelming. But hey, when in Puerto Rico!

I want to drive around. Are there any tips?

During festive seasons, it’s wise to check the local event calendar. Also, consider renting a GPS or using map apps, and always have a local emergency number saved.


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