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Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago || Guide for Travelers

most expensive restaurants in Chicago

Chicago, a city celebrated for its deep-dish pizza and illustrious culinary scene, also harbours some of the most abundant dining experiences in the United States. The most expensive restaurants in Chicago offer more than just meals. They present an unparalleled adventure in fine dining where every dish serves as a testament to the chef artistry and the region abundant resources. This article takes you through a curated list of the city most lavish eateries ensuring that your next dining experience is nothing short of spectacular.

most expensive restaurants in Chicago


Chicago Restaurants
Alinea Restaurants

The Alinea stands out among the most expensive restaurants in Chicago not just for its price tag but for its innovative approach to modernist cuisine. Chef Grant Achatz’s creations have earned international acclaim, including three Michelin stars for their avant-garde dishes that blur the lines between art and food. Dining at Alinea is akin to attending a live performance where each course is meticulously crafted to astonish and delight. The experience is further enhanced by the restaurant unique presentation and interaction making it a must-visit for those seeking to explore the apex of culinary creativity in Chicago.


most expensive restaurants in Chicago
Oriole Restaurants

Nestled in the West Loop Oriole offers an intimate dining experience that showcases the finesse of fine dining. This two-Michelin-starred restaurant is renowned for its thoughtful and intricate tasting menus which feature a harmonious blend of local and international ingredients. The attention to detail extends beyond the plate with impeccable service and a cozy ambience that makes every visit memorable. As one of the most expensive restaurants in Chicago Oriole justifies its price through an exceptional culinary journey making it a favorite among connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine.


Chicago Restaurants
Smyth Restaurants

The Smyth a celebrated entity among the most expensive restaurants in Chicago offers a relaxed yet refined dining atmosphere. Inspired by the rural Smyth County in Virginia the restaurant delivers a warm inviting experience with dishes that reflect a deep connection to the land. Chefs John Shields and Karen Urie Shields bring their Michelin-starred expertise to the table offering a tasting menu that is both innovative and deeply personal. The accompanying wine list is as thoughtful as the menu with selections that perfectly complement the chef creations.


Chicago Restaurants
Everest Restaurants

Perched on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. Everest offers breathtaking views that rival the complexity and sophistication of its dishes. Chef Jean Joho Alsatian-inspired menu features the finest French cuisine with a focus on seasonal and artisanal ingredients as one of the most expensive restaurants in Chicago Everest dining experience is elevated by its extensive wine list which includes some of the most sought-after bottles in the world. The combination of exquisite food impeccable service, and stunning skyline views makes Everest a culinary destination like no other.

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

Gibsons Bar dinning in Chicago
Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

The Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse while known for its lively atmosphere and classic American fare also ranks among the most expensive restaurants in Chicago due to its prime cuts of meat and legendary status. The USDA Gibson Prime Angus beef is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality. It offering a flavor and tenderness that is unparalleled. The opulent dining room combined with a menu. That celebrates the finest ingredients ensures a dining experience that is both extravagant and satisfying.


Grace dinning in Chicago
Grace Restaurants

The Grace another gem among the most expensive restaurants in Chicago was a beacon of culinary excellence that captivated the fine dining scene with its elegant presentations and innovative dishes. Although it has closed the legacy of Chef Curtis Duffy three-Michelin. It starred restaurant lives on as a standard for aspiring fine dining establishments. The meticulous attention to detail from the sourcing of ingredients to the execution of dishes set a benchmark for what diners can expect from high-caliber dining experiences in Chicago.


The most expensive restaurants in Chicago offer much more than just luxurious meals. They provide immersive experiences that cater to the senses and the soul. Each establishment with its unique approach to cuisine and hospitality contributes to the rich tapestry of Chicago culinary scene. Whether it is the innovative dishes at Alinea the intimate ambiance of Oriole, or the unparalleled views. At Everest these restaurants promise an unforgettable journey into the heart of luxury dining.


What makes these restaurants so expensive?

The high cost of dining at these establishments is attributed to the use of premium ingredients. Innovative cooking techniques, expertly curated wine lists, and the exceptional level of service and ambience they offer.

Is there a dress code for these establishments?

Most of the most expensive restaurants in Chicago have a dress code that ranges from business casual to formal. It is always recommended to check the restaurant website or call ahead to ensure you meet their specific attire requirements.

Can dietary restrictions be accommodated at these restaurants?

Yes! Costliest eateries in Chicago of these establishments are able to accommodate dietary restrictions with advanced notice. When making a reservation, discuss any dietary needs. You may have to ensure the kitchen can prepare something suitable for you.

What is the best time of year to visit these restaurants?

While these restaurants strive to offer exceptional dining experiences year-round visiting. During the local peak season (spring through fall) can provide an added dimension to your meal especially with the availability of seasonal ingredients. However, experiencing these culinary gems during the winter months can offer a cozy and intimate atmosphere that is equally memorable.

Can dietary restrictions be accommodated at these high-end restaurants?

Absolutely! The most expensive restaurants in Chicago pride themselves on their ability to cater to various dietary restrictions and preferences. It is advisable however to inform the restaurant of any dietary needs. At the time of booking to ensure a seamless dining experience.

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