what is not true about booking official flights

what is not true about booking official flights

Flight booking can sometimes feel like a maze of misinformation, with rumors and myths flying around almost as frequently as the planes themselves! It is then essential to untangle this web and reveal the truth behind what is not true about booking official flights. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a fledgling flyer, there’s always a tidbit of info or a misleading myth that can catch you off guard. So, buckle up as we dive into some of the most common misconceptions, adding a sprinkle of humor to lighten the journey!

what is not true about booking official flights

The More, the Merrier

One common myth is that the more search engines and booking sites you use, the better deals you’ll find. Cluttering your browser with countless tabs can lead to confusion rather than savings. It’s like going to every grocery store to buy milk—after the tenth store, it’s more about the pursuit than the purchase!

Last Minute Steals

How often have you heard that booking a last-minute flight is the ticket to unimaginable savings? This is one tall tale in the lore of what is not true about booking official flights. You might find yourself shelling out significantly more for procrastinating!

Incognito Magic

Ah, the elusive incognito mode! Some swear by it, claiming it conceals your search, leading to lower prices. While it sounds like a modern-day magic trick, it has minimal effect on the ticket prices you’re shown. Keep the cape and wand; you won’t perform any price-disappearing acts today!

A Day in a Week

The myth that there’s a ‘golden day’ in the week to book flights is widespread. Whether it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, or the second Friday of a leap year, the truth is, there’s no secret day that guarantees the best prices. The reality of what is not true about booking official flights laughs in the face of this charming little legend.

Direct Flights are Pricier

Another popular misconception is that direct flights are always more expensive than those with layovers. While sipping a coffee in a transit lounge for hours can seem like a heroic cost-saving venture, it’s not always the wallet-friendly choice!

Budget Airlines are Always Cheaper

Budget Airlines are Always Cheaper
Budget Airlines are Always Cheaper

Low-cost airlines have created a buzz with their seemingly unbeatable prices. However, when the unseen baggage fees, seat selection fees, and your sanity come into play, sometimes it’s worth considering whether the budget option is genuinely budget-friendly.

A Single Seat Affair

Some believe booking one ticket at a time is the secret to unlocking lower prices. But, managing multiple bookings can be a juggling act that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s often more straightforward (and saner) to book for your group in one go!

Frequent Flyer Follies

The allure of accumulating miles can make anyone daydream about jet-setting for free. However, restrictions and blackout dates can sometimes challenge redeeming these miles. Remembering frequent flyer programs is not a golden ticket to endless free flights is good!

Non-Refundable Means No Refunds, Period

The term ‘non-refundable’ sounds pretty final. But, this is not always the case amidst the world of what is not true about booking official flights. Sometimes, airlines offer vouchers or allow changes for a fee, providing a little wiggle room.

Social Media is Your Best Friend

Many believe that shooting a complaint or request via Twitter or Facebook guarantees faster airline responses and resolutions. While this can sometimes be true, a well-crafted, polite email or a phone call can be more effective.


Understanding what is not true about booking official flights can navigate us through myths and misunderstandings. It’s crucial to do a bit of digging and rely on verified information rather than falling for every travel tale we hear. After all, the journey should be filled with joy and discovery, not unnecessary detours and amusing (or frustrating!) misadventures! So, next time you book a flight, remember that not everything you hear is airborne truth. Safe travels, and may your flights be as smooth as your booking experience!


Is it less expensive to e-book flights at the ultimate minute?

Contrary to popular belief, booking flights at the last minute can often lead to higher prices, not cheaper ones. It’s generally advisable to book in advance to secure the best prices.

 Does browsing in incognito mode give better flight prices?

 While it’s a widely held belief, there’s little evidence to suggest that using incognito mode consistently offers lower flight prices. It’s mostly a flight booking myth.

Is a specific day of the week best for booking flights?

The idea that there is a ‘golden day’ for booking flights is essentially a myth. Prices fluctuate based on various factors, and there is no universal “best day” to book flights.

 Are direct flights always more expensive than flights with layovers?

A: Not necessarily. While this can sometimes be the case, there are plenty of instances where direct flights are similarly priced or even cheaper than flights with layovers.


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